As Belgians, we support our Belgian Football Team, the Red Devils, with all of our heart. Everytime they play a game, Para’azaar Event Agency organizes Heule Duivelt, a gathering in Heule to watch the game all together on a huge screen to shout our Devils to victory. With the European Championship coming up, it’ll be a hot summer again in Heule City.


Date: 10/06/2016 – 10/07/2016
Location: Heule Park


Heule Duivelt XL 2016!!

In 2016, we’ll know the new European Champion Football.The championship kicks off on 10th of June and the final, with hopefully our Red Devils, will take place on 10th of July.

At the holy ground of Heule Park, you’ll be able to shout our Red Devils to the final. We’ll broadcast the first game, alle the matches of our Red Devils and the final on a huge XL screen.

What will change compared with the World Championschip in 2014?

– There will be beautiful fireworks after the opening ceremony and after the final.

– A covered VIP terrace will be provided for our partners. If you’re interested, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]

For the rest, the basics remain untouched: a lot of drinks, food and a great atmosphere in our park. We’re looking forward! Keep an eye on the Facebook event as we will announce a lot of interesting news in the coming days and weeks.